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Defective Products

Defective products law, or product liability, is an area of law that involves liability of product manufacturers and sellers.  Typically, a product can cause liability when a maker of a product puts that product on the market with defects, and these defects injure a human being.  The defect can come from the way the product was made, i.e., manufactured outside the specifications, called a "manufacture defect", or from the design of the product, called a "design defect".

Today, defective products harm many Americans every year.  Under California law, if a defective product injures a person, anyone in the chain of commerce can be held liable for harm due to a negligently designed, manufactured, or inadequately warned product.  This means that not only the manufacturer, but also the sellers, re-sellers, remanufacturers and dealers can all be held liable for the defective product that caused injury to a consumer.

If you or a loved one has recently been injured as a result of a defective product, Crown & Elias can assist you in determining whether you have any legal rights.

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