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Motorcycle Accidents

Many drivers on the road today are usually distracted with cell phones, eating, drinking, or playing with their radios, and therefore fail to notice or respect a motorcycle in their vicinity.  Due to the nature of motorcycle riding, a collision between a negligent driver and a motorcycle usually results in severe injuries to the motorcycle rider.  Most motorcycle accidents involve rear end accidents, left turn collisions, failing to properly stop at stop signs or red lights, speeding, unsafe lane changes, and broadside collisions.  

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact our offices immediately for a free case evaluation. The lawyers at Crown & Elias will affectively and aggressively represent you to make sure you receive the financial compensation you deserve, including money for your past and future medical care, pain and suffering arising from your physical injuries, past and future lost wages due to your injuries, and repair or replacement of your motorcycle.

Insurance companies only care about their own interests. Do not contact an insurance company without effective and aggressive legal representation.

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