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Wrongful Death

Nothing can be more tragic than the death of a loved one caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another. Wrongful death is defined as the death of an individual as a direct result of the negligence of another individual, company, or entity. When a loved one dies due to such negligence, the liable parties may be responsible and the loved ones of the victim, usually relatives, siblings, or members of the decedent’s estate, may be entitled to compensation so they can secure their future and carry on with their daily lives.

Wrongful death claims can come about as a direct result of:

  • Automobile/Vehicular Accidents
  • Dangerous or Defective Products
  • Fire
  • Negligence
  • Personal Injury Accidents
  • Workplace Accidents

Common things to expect when one has experienced the wrongful death of a friend or relative can range from loss of income, sorrow, mental anguish, loss of companionship, hospital bills, and more.

If a loved one has been the victim of a wrongful death, please contact our lawyers immediately with regards to your potential legal rights to receive financial compensation for your injuries.

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